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Kaj Kind Valls last broadcast – Göteborgs-Posten

A radio legends microphone off for good after 45 years. Today sends Kaj Kindvall its final application.

For a younger readers who may have the entire history of music in his cell phone can be difficult to understand, but there was a time when all hope to hear commercial pop music basically hung up on one man, somewhat exaggerated.

In a time without commercial radio, MTV and the internet was Kaj Kindvall that from 1970 onwards in programs as Poporama and Tracks introduced the new pop music on the radio station, which had a monopoly on radio until 1993.

But now he’s retiring.

– I want to give myself a chance to take it very easy after many years of very intense work, says Kaj Kindvall who turned 65 in early December.

Today broadcast the last program of Kaj’s playlist in Swedish Radio P4. It will be a tribute program where Kaj Kindvall will play their favorite music and talk about their lives.

Artists Per Gessle, Nina Persson and Magnus Carlson involved in the program.

When the Tracks was closed down Four years ago, Kaj Kindvall much acclaim and it has become even more now since the pension plans became known in early December. Many people have told anecdotes about how they could not miss an episode of Tracks at the time.

– When I feel that all this worn, it still has to get together these programs have been worth it.

In 1970 took Kaj Kindvall of classic drop the program Top Ten. Since then, his radio career has been strongly associated with lists. Except for a few years in the mid-1970s, when the strip program was banned from the radio.

Kaj Kindvall regret to this day the progressive music movement’s political conspiracy by the music and the radio range at the time.

– It meant a kind of censorship which said that this music was nice and that was ugly music. That marked the radio range during much of the 70th century.

But in 1984 the situation was different and Kaj Kindvall could start what was to become his life’s work. In 26 years he ran the Tracks, a list program where listeners got to vote for the top list and hear new commercial pop music. There were over 1000 listings.

In the 80′s listening “all” and a gig in Tracks could mean a breakthrough for a new artist. Kaj Kindvall was a power factor.

In the late 2000s, the situation was different and it was Kaj Kindvall himself who decided to put down the Tracks.

– The program had filled its function, he says and believes that the large supply made his rating was not as relevant anymore.

For nearly his entire career, Kaj Kindvall been his hometown Norrkoping faithful. It has been the key to his long career.

– I might not have stayed at so far otherwise. It’s very easy to be drawn into the party life in Stockholm, with all release parties and stuff.

– I could concentrate on the job and spend my whole soul into this.

Facts: Wharf Kindvall

Age: 65th

Family: Poison (brother of football star Ove Kindvall).

Residence: Norrköping.

Radio Hostess for radio programs Top Ten (1970-1974), Poporama and Disco Frame (both 1974-1984), Tracks (1984-2011), Single (1997-2005), Kajs playlist (2011-2014). Has also led Sommartoppen quiz Pop Mart .

TV Video Jockey in Casablanca early 80 speeches and played music videos in Video Beat (1983-1984).

Price: was awarded a honorary Grammy 2003.


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