Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dorsin hailed by former julvärdar – Aftonbladet

Henrik Dorsin makes success as SVT julvärd.

Now wants his predecessors to the prestige of the job becomes permanent.

– I think Henry is so good so he’ll have that assignment for life, says former julvärden Moraeus.

Henrik Dorsin , 37, gets used used to celebrate Christmas in the SVT studio.

At least if the previous julvärd are Moraeus and Sarah Dawn Finer may determine.

They are at the forefront of the celebration parade which began when Henrik Dorsin made his entry in the box just before 15 on Christmas Eve.

The musician and presenter Moraeus were SVT julvärd 2011. He is lyrical about Henry Dorsins effort.

– I think Henry is so good, so he’ll have that assignment for life . He is fantastic, says Moraeus.

“Please be there every year”

The singer Sarah Dawn Finer took over julvärd job after Moraeus.

“Henrik Dorsin! You are the best! Over Delivery! Best julvärden! Please be there every year! Love, from a julvärldsallumni, “she wrote on Twitter.

Arne Weise is the most closely associated as julvärd SVT. It will be easy so if you have guided the audience during the Christmas Eve for thirty years. He was julvärd between 1972-2002, with the exception of four years.

Hailed even by readers –

On Twitter does julvärd legend’s son, the artist Andreas Weise, in the praise of Henrik Dorsin.

“Henrik Dorsin is absolutely brilliant as julvärd! “he wrote on Twitter.

Even Nöjesbladet readers have been impressed by comedian and actor. At 19 o’clock had over 11,500 votes submitted to a vote on Dorsins effort. Approximately three out of four gave the finest reviewed and found that this year julvärd was “absolutely brilliant”.


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