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Ingvar Kjellson leave a treasure for themselves – Aftonbladet

Ingvar Kjellson was versatile actor with a rich career. He is a Swedish theater, television and film history.

And even those who have not seen him on stage have heard his voice.

Every Christmas, his Prince John in “Robin Hood” entertained generation after generation.

Many of us got our early theater experiences of Ingvar Kjellson . He was there when TV theater reached the Swedish people, and was equally adept at drama in comedies.

He was active long after their 65th birthday, and made memorable characters in plays like “I’m not Rappaport” and “Markurells in Wadköping” at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. He mastered all varieties and could be both scary and cool, but it’s still his funny roles that first appear in the memory.

The eccentric Mon Cousin in the fine TV series “Hedebyborna” after Sven Delblancs novels was such a classic Ingvar Kjellson-figure who seemed written with him in mind.

He and Annalisa Ericson played the lovable seniors in Lasse Åberg “The involuntary Golfer” and he was later included in the Jan Troell “The Last Sentence” which came in 2012.

Ingvar Kjellson played in the movies already in the 1940s and showed its width even there. From the Povel Ramel to Ingmar Bergman and Bo Widerberg . He played with Allan Edwall and Margaretha Krook in Jarl Kulle “The Bookseller which ended bath” and with Cornelis Vreeswijk Max von Sydow in “Black Palm Trees”.

Stellan Skarsgård teenage breakthrough, the TV series “Bombi Bitt and I”, he was humbler in the colorful ensemble.

He did lots of memorable supporting roles. Also played much against his wife Meta Velander . They married in 1949, a 65-year marriage.

Ingvar Kjellson was the voice of many of the beloved Disney films, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Aristocats”, “Sword in the Stone” – and of course the villain, the lion Prince John in “Robin Hood”. Now it’s just Christmas again and we are millions who will come to hear him shout out

“Guards, guards, they disappear with all my gold.”

Ingvar Kjellson leaves a treasure behind.


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