Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jan Malmsjö: “Loa Falkman’ll pass it with flying colors” – Aftonbladet

He said he remembered reading “New Year’s bells” until he dies.

But now replacing the actor legend Jan Malmsjö ceremony at Skansen against lobster and champagne at home.

– It will be a great relief, he said.

2001, Jan Malmsjö a deep breath and began reading Swedish version of Alfred Tennyson’s poem “New Year’s bells” at Skansen for the first time.

When he was on New Years Eve 2013 got off Solliden stage was the end of an era. Although Malmsjo said he would read the poem until he dies it said in November it clear that there will be no more New Year’s performances from the actor.

“Feels good”

– I can not rip out the Swedish people, he has previously said.

When Nöjesbladet reaches Jan Malmsjö a week before New Year’s Eve, he seems very pleased with his decision.

– It feels nice in that I took the decision to stop all by himself, he says.

Should eat lobster

– It feels like it 100 years ago, my wife and I Marie celebrated the New Year alone with eating lobster and drinking champagne and having candlelight. It should we do now, just as it was in the past.

Do you feel sad?

– I can not go into such emotional things. It has been an honor to read the poem.

But some tips Malmsjo has not given his successor.

– It is not needed. He’s a hell of a good friend and will pass it with flying colors, he says.

Loa Falkman :

– Jan was very positive when I became, and I am glad breeze. But it is not possible to give a few words of wisdom in a situation like this.

“Toy, toy, toy!”

One of the favorites to take over the reading after Malmsjo was Borje Ahlstedt 75th

Although he was commissioned claiming the actor that he is not bitter. And Loa Falkman say they have only been happy exclamations from him.

– He was a mentor to me when I started. And since then we have cemented a great friendship, he said.

Jan Malmsjö have a greeting to his successor before New Year’s debut:

– Tell him “toy, toy, toy!” It we always said when we worked at the Opera House as a lyckohälsning.


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