Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Paradise hotel “-deltagarna rage against the party:” Is a disaster “- Aftonbladet

Last year, she was kicked out of the final party.

This year, Paulina Danielsson voluntarily in a rage – along with the rest of “Paradise Hotel” -deltagarna.

– Eric Saade and his gang takes over, she says.

They arrived in a big tourist bus and have to walk a few hundred feet in the cold to enter into the final party at Café Opera.

They looked forward to a crashing a party after the autumn season of “Paradise Hotel”.

But the party cravings were quickly replaced the anger.

In the VIP section, it was difficult to move, something that the winner Paulina “Paow” Danielsson quickly responded.

– I am not at all happy with the party, she says.

Smail Alihodzic agree.

– What chaos it is. Do not understand why they let in so damn many, it gets dicey. Does not feel good right now with the party, he said.

Calle Atkins was also not satisfied with the party.

– It’s really bad. For a lot of people and disorganized. Can not be left behind, he said.

Many went home

Shortly before two o’clock at night was Smail Alihodzic about to leave – and quickly with the rest of the reality show profiles.

– It is impossible here, too much chaos. I do not know how to solve this, perhaps pulling and partying themselves somewhere, he said.

Michelle Iderborn left in a rage.

– It is disaster. We have become so damn badly treated. An employee asked, “Who the hell are you?” This would be our party. I’m sick of angry, she says.

Paow are dissatisfied with how the party was organized.

– Not to be self-important but they have taken in for lots of people. Up here, it should be PH with friends. So is kind Eric Saade and his gang and take over the party. There is not much to finalfest, she says.


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