Saturday, December 27, 2014

Helena Bergström about his cancer scare – Aftonbladet

The viewers could see Helena Bergström’s tears over the death of their father.

After both parents affected by the disease she says now of his own cancer scare.

– I’m happy for every day that I do not have to suffer, says the actor.

Helena Bergström , 50, is among the Best of SVT’s “Stars in the Castle” that participants talk about the big questions.

If the life, death and everything in between.

In the season premiere on Saturday night fell protagonist in tears as she told how her father Hans Bergström passed away from cancer in 2004. Previously, she talked about how her mother Kerstin Widgren , 78, – who today feel good – fell ill when Helena Bergström was a teenager.

– My mother suffered from cancer during a very sensitive time when I was extremely mom tied. She was treated for over three years and it was very insecure with her. It was a very tough adolescence. Cancer became for me a huge fright, she says.

“A pretty scared man”

The tanks are often gnaw, she says.

– I am a rather frightened man basically too. I say all the time “hope you get to live that long.” I’m happy for every day that I do not have to suffer. It’s so my thoughts are. And to those who have it, says Helena Bergström.

Once a year she undergoes a mammogram.

– I have done since I was very young. It’s always hard to sit there and wait, she says.

What do you think about death?

– Rather than that to happen to me something is the fear that it will happen to my loved ones and that’s where the fear comes. But we eventually disappear, so do we all, sooner or later. And it is as I said my struggle every day to try to be happy for what I have here and now. How difficult it is … And it’s really hard, says Bergström.

“Life shrinks”

In the section yesterday told Helena Bergström also how she and director Colin Nutley , 70, fell in love with each other despite the fact that he was already married. Now they have lived with each other for almost 25 years.

Your husband is 20 years older than you are. Is there a concern about being left alone?

– I love my husband so much and that is where I have to learn to be happy for the moment we have. Now I have a spirited man who is more vital than ever. Would I go and worry about it, our age difference … It’s clear that it’s there and it becomes more evident as we become older because life somehow shrinks. It’s clear that it’s there but I try to live in the present, she says.


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