Thursday, December 18, 2014

The interview “-premiären is set after terror threats – Aftonbladet

The film is said to be the reason for Sony leaks. Now is the New York premiere of “The Interview” set. The reason must be that the hackers have threatened to commit attacks on cinemas showing the film.

First, put the protagonists James Franco and Seth Rogen into its planned television interviews. Now announces Landmark Theatres tonight’s New York premiere of “The Interview” is set, reports Deadline.

Concerns of terrorist attack

Earlier, Sony has given cinema chains that would show the film permission to withdraw it if they were worried about terrorist threats from the “Guardians of peace” who hacked and leaked internal email from Sony. It got Sony and cinemas to begin the urgent discussions on how to deal with threats to the public. “Remember September 11, 2001. We recommend that you keep away from those places at that time. (If your house is near, it is best that you stick away). Everything that happens in the next few days is because of Sony picture Entertainment’s greed, “reads part of the threat.

was set in several steps

New York premiere was canceled in several stages . First, put the man in the red carpet, since it was clear that Seth Rogen and James Franco does not give any interviews. In the last step pulled one back journalists invitations to finally set the entire premiere.

Carmike Cinemas, a Georgia-based company, with 278 theaters in 41 US states were the first who decided not to view the movie.

Sony executives believe inside job

Sony executives are additionally now convinced that the entire leak is about an inside job, writes TMZ.

Multiple sources tell TMZ that the strong prevailing view is that North Koreans are involved, but they used someone on the inside who is familiar with Sony’s e-mail system and therefore could access the most embarrassing information.


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