Monday, December 15, 2014

Ulf Lundell starts blog – Swedish Radio

Large bloggers who Kenza, Blondinbella and UnderbaraClara gets new competition for readers – from a musician who wants to clarify that he is not bitter.

Ulf Lundell has begun to write off the net, in a new blog. The track was Lucia Day, on his website. Two posts have Lundell had time with so far on the blog “Badger’s Drift” and it involves everything from “On the Trail” to weather conditions.

Much of the media coverage surrounding Ulf Lundell has been about his anger towards Osterlen-neighbor Kivik Art Centre, where art park built high sculptures according to the musician gives visitors insight into his garden. “An erect phallus” he told SVT Kulturnyheterna, if the work “Heaven Ladder” which was built last year.

It’s easy to get a picture by Ulf Lundell, sour and bitter. But he is not, he writes in his new blog:

“I’m not bitter. I have never been in fact. Pissed off, pissed off, upset, in a fucking mood, yes, but not bitter . Misanthrope Steam overall? Yes. But not bitter. “


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