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So, Loa Falkman Kuppa at midnight – Expressen

They have previously read “Ring Out, Wild Bells” at Skansen

Georg Rydeberg 1977-1982

Earl Hill 1983-1996

Margaretha Krook 1997-2000

Jan Malmsjö 2001-2013

Loa Falkman 2014

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Carl Johan “Loa” Falkman

Born: 24 juli in 1947.

Lives: Houses in Stocksund.

Family: Married with Rosy Falkman Jauckens Since 1978, the sons Jacob , 24, and Daniel ; 27.

Occupation: Opera Singer, actor and performer.

Background: Studied at the University College of Opera in Stockholm. Debuted at the Royal Opera in 1973 in the role of Ferdinand in “tintomara”. Got an international breakthrough in a Paris production of “Carmen”. Made in the 90s several acclaimed performances in opera, operetta and musicals in Swedish scenes. Participated in Melodifestivalen 1990 with “The Symphony”, but came in last place. Educated even to the actor at Calle Flygares theater school. Has had major roles in “Like It Never Was Before”, “Death Watch”, “7 millionaires” and “Crown Jewels”. Also did the role of Wall-Enberg in several films about “Little Jönssonligan.”

Current: Should New Year’s Eve read the word Alfred Tennyson’s poem “Ring Out, Wild Bells” at Skansen. Thus takes over the job for Jan Malmsjö who read the poem between 2001 and 2013.

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Now take Loa Falkman of the prestigious assignment after Jan Malmsjo to read” Ring Out, Wild Bells “.

And the court singer’m not going to keep a low profile – he plans to tonight change the ancient text.

– It may be a surprise. I very much look forward to it, he says mysteriously.

Then Jan Malmsjö , after twelve years, chose to transfer the task to read Alfred Tennyson’s poem “Ring Out, Wild Bells” on New Year’s Eve to someone else, the choice fell on the court singer and actor Loa Falkman .

Skansen Head Johan Brattmyr called himself up the beloved entertainer to offer him the assignment.

– We made a long list. Then we thought Loa Falkman would do it this year. It will be good, says Brattmyr.

“bolt from the blue”

Loa Falkman remember the conversation well. Very well.

– I stood exactly where, says Loa and pointing towards a floor space in his studio.

– It was like a bolt from the blue. I had no idea that Janne (Jan Malmsjö), would stop. Of course I was startled, while of course I was extremely proud. It is solemn and a great honor. I said yes immediately, although in his head felt like it took several hours before I said yes.

Then he got the text transmission. He is thoroughly prepared when he gets up in the evening at Skansen scene.

– It’s just like reading the script, basically. Mala text. Grind, grind, grind. Learn by heart. It is their pork that comes to get it to her. Then I work very subconsciously. Clean but to-wise it does not take that long to learn. Then it must be mine. It’s my, my text. And my subtitles. What I think of when I say “world peace” or “the horrific violence of power”. I myself must have an internal charge on those words. It is important, says Loa.

Loa and Jan Malmsjo have had contact.

– We have spoken on the text. We know each other and like each other very much. I’m very glad that he is so sympathetic to my involvement, says Loa.

“A tension”

Despite the rigorous preparation, Jan Malmsjö and wife Rosy support, Loa nervous for tonight’s mission.

– It is, on the other hand, nothing unusual. My whole job is a big performance anxiety. Need to be able to reach up to the demands placed upon himself, and that it is in parity to the crowd’s demands on me. It only gets worse with age. I’m nervous. There is a tension. It is required for this job, that you are on your toes, says Loa.

– A föreställningsdag is bothersome. It starts when I open my eyes and know that I will perform something in the evening. I am not talking so much, go into my bubble. I am very focused on what I should do. It is important. I have to go for it 100 percent.

Shortly before midnight tonight stands Loa Falkman at Skansen. And now he says that he made a number of changes in the “Ring Out, Wild Bells”.

– There are some changes. Some words that I changed. But there you will hear then. It may be a surprise. I very much look forward to it, says Loa.

The wife Rosy is a great support in life. They met in the 70s and have been together ever since. Together they have two adult sons.

– I stand here in the studio and has stalled on some tunes can Rosy open the door, shouting “Drop your chin” and close again. Then it works.

“No borders”

In order to stay healthy and spirited bicycles Loa much.

– About an hour every day. That’s the goal, he says.

– The body feels great. It’s because I’m thinking about. Also, I am hard hold of Rosy, because she is a dancer. I do not see myself as 67 and senior people. I see no such limits. All the while you are healthy, have the desire and people want to hear and see a funny. I can not think of anything more boring than retire. It is about respect for life. Since breaking out I’m not in spontaneous applause when I see myself in the mirror. I look like a mix between Göran Greider and August Strindberg .

“A very good 2014″

Loa has had a good 2014.

– Job-wise, it has been stimulating and varied. Then we have, and there is Rosy very well, were vacant. “Now we have time off so many weeks’. One way to recharge the batteries. It has been a very good 2014. I have health, we take care of us, he says.

However, he is worried about what the world looked like.

– The war in Syria, IS, the terrible pictures. Sometimes I can almost draw me to watch the news, because it’s so horrible. When you feel very small and insignificant, he said.


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