Thursday, December 18, 2014

Regions losers Journal brawl – Västerbotten Courier

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Latest news

Samuel had to arrange the ride to school
When the school bus because of slippery conditions could not drive all the way Samuel took Sandström, 15, handle the logistics so that all students could get to school.

EU invests money
on the northern Norrland

3.56 billion. So much EU funds can be spent on jobs and growth in Norrbotten and Västerbotten County in the coming years.

So much served Bjorkloven Stars
2013 tax year is now public. One of Bjorkloven The stars serve almost 840,000 crowns.

Want to build six floors
in central Umeå

Riksbyggen want to build a six-storey building with a parking garage in downtown Umeå, Sweden.

“The proposal counteracts Hagglunds purpose”
Jabar Amin (MP), MP from the county, looking Göran Hägglund ( KD) played out as pure electioneering


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