Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ulf Lundell: Would played with Hakan – Expressen

The Veronicas, Captain Red and Freddie Wadling – all visited they Hakan Hellstrom record concert at Ullevi last summer.

Now also reveals Ulf Lundell, he would also be included.

It writes the artist on his blog.

” I was on the way to the banquet, scratched out for a long long time, the only Hakan song I can handle the key in, “writes Ulf Lundell on the blog.

It was a magical night, then when Hakan Hellstrom took Ullevi Stadium before 69,349 people. The concert was the largest ever in Scandinavian music history, and afterwards got the concert five wasps in GT.

The special gig was attended also by several other artists and celebrities, as Veronica Maggio, Captain Red, Freddie Wadling, Adam Lundgren and Tomas von Brömsen.

But it could also have been Ulf Lundell. It writes the artist and the author himself on his blog on Sunday evening.

I think the whole house will be filled by the Ullevi this Christmas. I was going there to guest, scratched out for a long long time, the only Hakan song I can handle the key in, thought me a harmonica intro, but at the auction song, H certainly very mixed feelings and my own tour came in between , “writes Ulf Lundell, and refers to that the song was one of those whose rights were sold at auction .

Ulf Lundell, who in recent days ended up in the spotlight after being threatened to stop the “Open Landscape”, also writes in the blog post that “ From Upstairs, you will hear a 60,000-mannakör sing. It’s Hakan at Ullevi. I’m beginning to suspect that this will be a Hellströmsk July Well, fine with me .”

But right Hakan Hellstrom seem to figure much in Lundell’s thoughts right now. Even in Saturday’s blog post he wrote namely about Hakan.

Saw, coincidentally, it only appeared on Canal +, Hakan film again. Very charming. Unbelievable that it is the same man who plays Paul (Hakan) in the film who plays super-nazze in Blue eyes. It’s well done “ writes Lundell, who quit the post with that he longs to repeat again.


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