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Christmas – a frequently dramatized family trauma – Göteborgs-Posten

Never been misery wretched than at Christmas. Our dreams about community, happiness and Christmas peace enhances the drama in both novels and theater scene.

The father has been drinking for several days. In Susanna Alakoski Svinalängorna svinigheterna reaches a new level on Christmas Eve. Yet the ham in the oven, the Christmas tree is adorned, the hope alive.

But one word, whore, enough for her mother to throw down his father’s Finnish suit in a suitcase and cut away any fabric that stands out.

– Voi Vittu, pussy, too, thrown out by his own wife on Christmas Eve, he yells in the staircase.

In spite of everything he can come back it after first having smashed a window . The chill seeps into the apartment throughout the holiday season.

Even the Jonas Karlsson novel Merry Christmas Christmas gives additional impetus to the conflicts. Employees in the large communal house, after edicts from above, Transform elljusstakarna in the windows so that everyone outside will be able to see the text “Merry Christmas”.

The seemingly proves to be impossible due to personal conflicts, unmovable aquariums and various decorations preferences.

Jonas Karlsson got the idea from a similar initiative in a high-rise near Stockholm. Only with a good imagination was management’s Christmas message sensed in the employees’ window.

– Christmas and this cosiness will be another kind of pressure that is put on everything else, it’ll be fine and nice, man as well as adds a kind of anxiety level, says Jonas Karlsson.

The Roland Schimmelpfennig newly written piece Winter Solstice is in place today’s political currents in Europe that creates family quarrel at the Christmas tree.

The play may first performance at the Royal Dramatic Theatre on 17 January.

– Absolutely the worst timing, but then there anyway memory of Christmas frustrations and neuroses still with the audience, says director Staffan Valdemar Holm.

Similarly gets death cruelty relentless in Margaret Strömstedt’s autobiographical novel upbringing Christmas cleaning and death.

Brownie Smes talented mom die bang and cases before Christmas. Tells Self’s parents are arguing as usual, the daughter struggles to help his depressed mother with cleaning and mess while the poor blacksmith become a widower with a bunch of wild kids.

Sitting out on the icy privy it is impossible for the young the narrator to put together the Christmas magic moment with the thought of how Nisse Smes mother flies away forever. “Stars shine in vain and it is too late with everything,” writes Margaret Strömstedt.

The really good Christmas then? Is it even outside the sagas?

Perhaps the sore eyes of Viktor Rydberg välciterade poem plot such a story. The lone farm plot is watching over sleeping people and animals.

Far more terrifying effects does the American plot of the Icelandic writer Einar Kárason. His novel Devil begins with a nouveau riche Christmas there father smokes Havana cigars until he’s lying in nicotine poisoning chills, a daughter becomes constipated and little boys beating each other with their new boxing gloves.

The Big Feast ends in fire and henceforth becomes Christmas “the quietest moment “of the year.

Tove Jansson’s Moomins brought again from its hibernation and are intimidated by the news that Christmas is coming.

To persuade this awful julmonster makes trolls as they are told, they acquire spruce, decorate and wrapping packages. Then they take shelter under a table and falls asleep again. The party will transfer the to some lucky toffle.

Not even Ingmar Bergman lavish Christmas party in Fanny and Alexander is so where unproblematic happy and amazing anyone would like to remember it, according to Staffan Valdemar Holm.

– It happens a lot of shit even on Christmas, otherwise it would have been completely unbearable. If presuming to make a play about a Christmas Eve where everything would be perfect audience would get such anxiety, because it is usually a mendacious description. There is always someone who has tasted too much mulled wine, which has received news of a death or cancer diagnosis. Such is life!

– That’s why we want to maintain the dream of a few hours of absolute happiness and harmony. That it should be so damn difficult!


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