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JANUARY-Olov Andersson about what went wrong in tonight asnitt – Aftonbladet

Joy and laughter, sorrow and tears. And so her life story and career told in a furious pace, full of details.

Helena Bergström in the center, received this year’s “Stars in the Castle” a very strong start.

What was good?

We got The Helena Bergström storyline served on a plate – at a furious pace and full of details.

From the very first childhood memory, which was about her dog, how she sees the future, that she might become primarily a director who just acting sometimes.

There was everything from entertaining stories away from the career of ups and downs, to more private things, who fear that their parents would divorce. That their marriage was a little shaky, was of course partly because the father had a child outside of marriage shortly after that Helena was born.

A few anecdotes, one can say that Helena Bergström and played. Scenes from an early piece where her father was. And a totally bizarre encounter with a Hollywood mogul.

When a so smart, while outspoken, people like Helena Bergström choose to tell about his life in a program like this, it will be probably a mixture of spontaneous incident and informed decisions.

Maybe “playing” she sometimes Helena Bergström in the program, who knows?

But never mind, cruelly amusing was it anyway.

What was bad?

Helena Bergström’s idea about the other stars would put a puzzle and thus arrive at today’s activity (riding) did not work at all. Neither of us viewers or for the other four participants.

There I am inclined to agree with Özz Nûjen as early said:

– The puzzle was worthless, it gave no clue.

He even returned to the subject later in the program, and said to Helena:

– I’m so disappointed in you fucking clue, it was the worst.

It should be pointed out that his criticism was tongue in cheek.

The evening snyftare

Helena Bergström commuted healthy between joy and sorrow, between giggles and laughter and tears. She told me that she finds it easy tears, joked about it on her tombstone would read ‘she constantly cried, “and also told me that she had wondered what it would look like if she, Helena Bergström, known to cry so often in movies, crying in “Stars in the Castle”.

Most of all emotional in the program it was when she told me about her father, director Hans Bergström (1935-2004) passed away from cancer. How the course went very quickly and how the father very last days of his life as well as waited for Helena’s conception so that she would get back and hold his hand when he breathed his last.

Tonight Oh fuck

It is possible Helena Bergström has been told about when it lit between her and Colin Nutley before, but I do not think much detail.

She had talked about him with her friend, who quickly noted that “you are in love with him.” She denied it at first. In the program, she told how she then changed her mind:

– She (her friend) brought a thought in me, then I got on, I’m probably in love with him. I jumped on him in an elevator simply, poor man, I kissed him and just said “I Think I’m in Love with You”. Then it became very embarrassing, then he went just out of the elevator.

Tonight’s replica (s)

Harriet Andersson had some trouble getting up on horse when she would ride. Once in the saddle, she noted:

– Hell bastards … the whole ass to the camera, it is fortunate that one is wearing pants anyway.

Özz Nujen stabbed with lightning speed:

– Fucking the ass she has, though she is 80+, that is.

The evening’s most lacked

Once I interviewed Helena and Colin Nutley on throughout their careers together, movie-by-movie. There were how many wonderful stories at any time. Things that can not obviously fit into a program like this. Then it would probably become too filmnördigt.

But you would have liked to have heard a little more about what it was like as a young and inexperienced relatitivt work with the legend Ernst-Hugo Järegård (1928-1998) of Stig Larsson-play ” CEO “at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. And tied it together with that she not now himself playing the role as CEO, in a set at the Stockholm City Theatre (back in the repertoire January 6) where you have turned on gender roles.

Also had been interesting to see how she sees that her daughter Molly, 19, now goes in her footsteps. After his debut as Helena’s daughter in “House of Angels – Third Time Lucky”, did Molly success of TV 4′s “Let’s Dance” and has since started to get more and more film and television roles.


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