Monday, December 15, 2014

Musikhjälpen hit a new record – Swedish Radio

It was a record for Musikhjälpen sent from the Main Square in Uppsala. In one week were collected over 30 million into the fight against stopping the spread of HIV and it is the best result in Musikhjälpens history.

Number of commitment: 235 000

How much money goes to the fight to stop the spread of HIV: 30,489,975 crowns

During the week Carl Bodin Swedish with both known and unknown volunteers pushed Musikhjälpens food tents, whose proceeds will gone to Musikhjälpen. Of the more than 30,489,975 crowns they pulled out an incredible 709 900 dollars!

– Our main goal this year was to create commitment, to get as many people as possible around Sweden to become a part of movement around Musikhjälpen and contribute to the fight to stop the spread of HIV. Therefore, it is so incredibly fun to Musikhjälpen again record-breaking number of engagements and we really want to thank everyone who was involved in fighting with us this week, says Julia Blomberg , project manager for Musikhjälpen.

A total of Musikhjälpen been able to count to a record 235,000 commitment this year. The audience has contributed to the collection by request songs via SMS, launch and bid on auctions, starting and contributing money in the digital boxes, donate money in physical boxes, donate money from businesses, buying food in Musikhjälpens food tents at the main square in Uppsala and through own collections, called the initiative.

On the collection map on musikhjä it is possible to see all the initiatives that have been notified prior to and during Musikhjälpen week. The evening was 2072 initiatives notified on the map.

To see the list of the five cities that had highest number of reported initiatives out:

The first Uppsala 347

The second Gothenburg 126

3rd Stockholm 98

4th Malmo 44

5th Orebro 32

The Music in Music Aid
During the week, there have been over 91,000 song requests.

The ten most wanted artists in Musikhjälpen 2014:

The first Hakan Hellstrom

The second Petter

3rd Queen

4th Kent

5th Bruce Springsteen

6th Ed Sheeran

7th Coldplay

8th Laleh

9th Coldplay

10th Beyoncé

The ten most wanted songs in the Music Aid 2014:

The first Hozier – Take me to church

The second Broder Daniel – Shoreline

3rd Kent – Without Your Love

4th Omi – Cheerleader

5th Ariana Grande – BreakFree

6th Håkan Hellström – Walpurgis

7th Queen – Bohemian Rapsody

8th The Pouges & amp; Kirsty McColl – Fairytale of New York

9th Coldplay – Fix You

10th Avicii – The Nights


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