Saturday, December 27, 2014

Helena Bergström demanded omklippning – Express

She was determined not to cry.

Meanwhile, Helena Bergström hand-picked the other stars to finally say yes to “Stars in the Castle” and feel confident in what was assumed.

– In a way, it was that we took each other’s hand, she says of the deal between the participants.

In yesterday’s “Stars in the Castle” was Helena Bergström first out as the main character. It became sentimental stories, of childhood secret with a half-brother, the father’s death and the criticism of her and her husband Colin Nutley movies and near to tears.

“Will be on my tombstone”

– I’ve been thinking that I am in the “Stars in the Castle”, I will not cry all the time. But tell you about these life moments, it is no wonder that tears come. It would do even if one is not Helena Bergström, she says in the program and continues:

– It will be on my tombstone – she constantly cried. But then she laughed too.

In addition to decide not to cry had Bergstrom, who turned down several times before, also hand-picked the other participants, and made sure that everyone is safe with what is discussed.

– Me and Richard talked. “Now we are in the age we are, and have been pretty much in the bag”. Will there be a bunch of people like so “why not”. In a way, it was that we took each other’s hands, says Bergström.

You knew who would be in it?

– Yes, then came the who would be involved. And it was a fantastic bunch. Me and Richard went to Harriet and had coffee with her, talked and said “would not it be great if we did this together.”

You persuaded her?

– Yes, persuaded you could say. One must understand that there is an omission situation. One must feel secure. For Harriet’s part, it was also necessary that you feel safe. That one should not be exposed for us to begin … it’s not for me interesting.

“I am an open person”

She also set guidelines for itself – about what she would share.

– I’m a pretty open person, but is still used to know “far and no further.” I did not think anything was particularly tough, she says:

– It is important to try and balance. Sometimes you went a little too far but I tried anyway weigh it, so that it was personal but not private.

Helena is also one of those who helped and enjoyed to their program afterwards:

– It was not that I said “God, take it out of there.” There was a discussion on “what stories do you think one should choose?”. “Would you rather that tells the story, or it?”. There shall be done with his own program, you get to sit and watch it, she says.


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