Thursday, December 18, 2014

Therefore threatens Ulf Lundell ban ‘Open landscape’ – Aftonbladet

“Open Landscape” has often been proposed as a new national anthem.

But if the Sweden Democrats are strong in additional choice would Ulf Lundell prohibit the playing.

“When there are no open country anymore,” he writes on his blog.

Since the artist Ulf Lundell started blogging, he has written critical posts about Sweden Democrats, SD, who became the third largest party in the parliamentary elections in September, with nearly 13 percent of the vote.

On Thursday, he commented SD’s right political spokesperson Richard Jomshofs statement that Lundell would be a bad artist.

“Strange then that the SD stole ‘Open landscape’ and used it on his website a few years ago,” he writes on the blog.

“Thinking ban all gambling”

Would SD increase in extraordinary election has Lundell decided to use one of his most beloved songs for a protest.

“If SD may be 20% or more on March 22 I intend to ban all gambling of ‘Open landscape’ in radio, television, from scenes and stages in this country. When there are no open country anymore, “he writes.

Have threatening to sue

The song was on the Sweden Democrats’ website in 2002, when threatened, the beloved artist sue the party.

– Of course I will be pissed. No party shall steal my song or my name, it’s obvious extra bad if there is the Sweden Democrats, he said then.

Nöjesbladet have sought in vain Ulf Lundell.


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