Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vreeswijk speak out about a million tax evasion – Expressen

Jack Vreeswijk played black for three years, writes Bohusläningen.

The total tax evasion amounted to 2.7 million.

– I have done a smash gaffe, he tells the magazine.

It was during Tuesday Bohusläningen wrote about a famous Swedish artist who played black in three years.

According to magazine, the total sum as the artist withheld for the Tax to 2.7 million.

Now, Jack Vreeswijk out and talks about his tax evasion.

“Been a pretty brutal history”

– It has been a pretty brutal history with the Swedish Tax Agency. But I have now paid 780,000 dollars and done right for me, he says to Bohusläningen.

Jack Vreeswijk mean that the totals are less than the Swedish Tax Agency states. According to him, about 40 percent went to overhead and musicians wages. That leaves 1.6 million.

On Tuesday brought to criminal charges against the musician. He himself explains the incident like this:

“It was greed”

– I have made a fool of myself simply and can not blame anyone but myself. I have made a smash gaffe and allowed to stand for it. There was a combination of the folly and credulity and also a combination of greed. You just have to take the punishment, he tells the magazine.

Jack Vreeswijk says he “feels crappy of this.” Although the economic bang is tough.

– It is clear that it affects the economy to pay 780,000 crowns, I have been looted my accounts. But yes, I had money left, he said.


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