Sunday, December 28, 2014

It got stuck on the mountain – injured and cooled – Expressen

A skier fell ill this Winter in northern Sweden when he was out and went off piste.

Alpine rescuer was forced into a difficult rescue operation.

– Unable to get down to the actual scene of the accident with the scooter, so the mountain rescuers have had to climb down to him, saying Dan Anderson, duty officer of Västerbotten police.

The man has now been taken to hospital – hard cold.

It was at 14 o’clock in the day that the alarm came. A skier had fallen ill in connection with off-piste driving in the area around Kittelfjäll. According to police, the accident occurred in the so-called Norway-turn, an off-piste routes that can be reached after about 30 minutes of climbing.

– He has managed to end up in a very difficult area. Now we have mountain rescuers in place of the injured. He has back pain and may have some pelvic injury. But because of the terrain so calculated it may take at least two hours to get him from the scene, said Dan Anderson, duty officer of Västerbotten Police earlier today.

The skier was reported to be both injured and cooled and mountain rescuers saw that he kept the heat. The man was conscious but had lower back pain and lower back.

How did the accident happen?

– He has fallen out of any ravine or cut. So, I have interpreted the situation in any case.

During the evening managed to rescue personnel bring down the man, they had to pull him down on foot and the skier was transferred to the hotel Kittelfjäll where he was recovering slightly.

The man was excessively cold.

– He was then taken to the hospital, I really do not know if it was Lycksele or Umeå since the case gone over to the infirmary values. Anyway, it is a journey of nearly an hour in both cases, says Dan Andersson

The skier will reportedly not from the resort.

– He lives here at the hotel, but more than that would I do not say, says Kaj Merstrand that drives Hotels Kittelfjäll.


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