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Eric Hagberg: “I have been in the spotlight since childhood” – Aftonbladet

He won the “Paradise Hotel” along with Paulina Danielsson.

Eric Hagberg do not fear the resurrection as the reality show has caused.

– I have been in limelight since childhood, he says.

In the season finale of “Paradise Hotel” could TV3 see how Eric Hagberg, 20, and Paulina “Paow” Danielsson , 21, chose to split in half a million dollars after a majority of the previous utröstade participants endorsed the couple in a final parceremoni.

Dokusåpans impact’ve done that Eric Hagberg, 20, is now being recognized over throughout Sweden. But by its own account has Scanian had a long time to get used to the attention.

“I can that”

He says that he has been in the spotlight since he was four, perhaps five years old.

– The girls liked me for my looks and older liked me for my charm and niceness. I’m so this humble. I was very well-liked as a child, and by constantly be in focus for many years, I have learned how to approach women, how to respond to the elderly. What respect you should have and blah blah blah, so I can that thing, he says.

Are you worried that your own confirmation needs to go too far with the attention now, that it just builds up more and more?

– Well, the worst thing I know is people who know they look good and should assert itself, are you with? And I have a very humble personality. I do not go up to people and is cocky and live on my appearance. I will be happier when people say I’m a nice guy, that number is growing. “I thought you were just over but it’s not. You’ve got a heart of gold. ” What was the question?

If you are concerned that your confirmation needs may be too big?

– I am very humbled and with that attitude I feel I never directly happy with myself. Had I felt completely satisfied, I had formed a very cocky person. I have a good sense of self but the self-confidence can of course vary.

– It is something that I have learned in my years, I have been shaped by since I was little. If you get a lot of attention, there must be other factors that build up. Otherwise, you get a lot of hate. You can not just have the look and the world’s largest self-confidence because then you will not be popular.

“Felt like I got the most votes”

How was the party after the win in Mexico?

– Without seeming conceited at all, it felt like that … They raised me up in the air, threw me up. It felt like I got the most votes, are you with? The joy of getting confirmation that being liked was brilliant.

Did you know that you were the most worthy winner of the two of you?

– No, winning “Paradise Hotel” required a partner at his side. You can not give me any more praise than Paulina, because I had not been there if it was not for her. So it is very oödmjukt to say it.

Name – Haparanda

A typical day when you walk around town in Sweden, there are many who come forward?

– There is no one who comes forward … haha, joking. It is recognized wherever you go. You can not move without someone to take a picture with you. I think it is a blast if it’s a friendly reception. You are outrageously recognized, even by those who do not follow the series. I can be in Haparanda but they recognize me anyway.

What will you do with the money you won?

– Mainly I’ll use the money to invest in myself. I have been in contact with Jonas Hallberg (famous fashion stylist, editor’s note). He’ll help me with a briefcase, then I’ll go down to Milan and I will try and sell me as a model. My dream is to become a model. Hey, can I just check one thing?

Dreaming of “Let’s Dance”

Eric Hagberg rises from his chair to whisper a few words to a press officer on TV3. When he returns, it is something he wants to tell.

– My next dream project is to be part of the “Let’s Dance”. It allows you to really love to have as a main heading, ha ha.

Have you been asked?

– No … I just know that there had been a dream, it had been terribly funny. I think it would have helped me too. With the personality I have and who I am, I think not that it is unattainable.

Are you good at dancing then?

– Yes , it’s me. Otherwise I would not have wanted to be there.

How would you sell yourself to TV4?

– I would say that this has been a dream and my parents had been so proud of me. But they are already very proud of me.


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