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more craft than milestone – Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

“Käääften, Jarnebring!” Five minutes in, it will, exklamationen, utfrustad by Claes Malmberg in a paragraph ham acting worthy of our time Thor Modéen if he ever given beyond farce compartment. Or even that. Is this not precisely the term “farcical” Leif GW Persson please describe Swedish police activities with? And is not the crime genre our most proven genre since the 30s and 40s folk comedy?

We have it actually little as the home of Karl-Bertil Tage Danielsson’s Christmas Carol, though in the present: the presents are distributed, all laughed at the verses of the packages and then leads the Christmas holidays in the common sense of devotion that only a Swedish cop show on TV can vouchsafe people. Exclamations like “I do not care!”, “Now you take the damn quiet!” And “Käääften, Jarnebring” can so doing provide some somewhat religiously in his eyes, as if they were in a nunnery!

Master of ceremonies is again a director Kristian Petri, who together with Danish Kristoffer Nyholm was behind the 2013 GW film version “A pilgrim’s death” an absolutely competent, but the distances congested series of four parts. This time Petri alone and three sections. The rest is largely intact, including the writers Sara Heldt and Johan Widerberg and ensemble, led by Rolf Lassgård, Helena af Sandberg and Per Svensson, with a nice bunch of capable faces in the flank. Literary model is again the trilogy “The welfare state’s case”, from which one now picture set “Another Time, Another Life” and called it “The fourth man.”

It starts in 1989 when Bo Jarnebring and Jeanette Eriksson put on a murder case in Östermalm. The victim is a certain Kjell-Göran Ohlsson, a tranquil Head of Division at Statistics Sweden with few if any friends. Contrary to what Detective Backstrom first predicts it will not be easy at all to find the culprit.

Cut to the present. Lars Martin Johansson, newly appointed SAPO-head, hand pick a group of investigative and intelligence experts. He calls them “my main weapon against those that acute and unexpected may threaten national security.” The very first day shedding a letter in with a hint that maybe you should take another look at the date April 24, 1975, when the Command Holger Meins from Rote Armee Fraktion occupied the West German Embassy in Stockholm. Sure Surely the Germans had help from the Swedish hold? But the Swedes? A few names excavated. A Kjell-Göran Ohlsson, The Quiet murdered bureau chief.

Cut to 1975 and further revelations soon see the light of day. The name Helena Stein stand extraordinary in the eyes of LMJ Group. Today, State Secretary at the Ministry of Defense, probably our next Secretary of Defense. But what she did in 1975? Well, was part of a welcoming host for a bunch of German guests armed with TNT, igniters and a number of pistols and hand grenades in the luggage. The goal: West German Embassy in Stockholm.

Holger Meins drama was a while on the wallpaper to Mikael Marcimain and his new screenplay friend JARGONISTIC to film (they gave themselves instead of “Gentlemen” ). When you see “The fourth man” feels that just Marcimain after milestone “Laser Man” has set a new rib in Swedish crime film, especially when it comes zeitgeist and authentic events. Director Petri with team exhibiting at the point nicely craft.

“The fourth man” is more craft than milestone. Style and tone are known, seen and heard. The actors are hardened, stereotypical characters and events – whether you read the book or not – a little easy to imagine. And the title is just right corny.

Nevertheless, or precisely Therefore, it is both worth seeing and appealing. One reason stands out in particular: you stick pretty perfect within the scope of its ambition. A bit like those comedies of yesteryear. I like it, probably more than Salander, actually.

I also like to see when Lars Martin Johansson doing well. It’s exactly 30 years since he, in Tomas von Bröms’s shape in Bo Widerberg’s “The Man from Majorca” had an unusually miserable Christmas, recently divorced, sad and going out into the cold in search jobs. Here he has cozy Pia at his side, a fat new job and a big bowl of strawberries. It is vouchsafed him well.

Series Home Tuesday, December 30th 21:00 in BBC1.


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