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Sissela Kyle to Malmo – “love musical” – Expressen

Actress Sissela Kyle to Malmö Opera.

This time she is directing the old “Top Hat”, with as yet an unknown couple in the roles of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

– I’ve loved this musical right hand, I was small, confesses Kyle can look back on a tough year for racist row on Guldbaggegalan the very beginning of the year.

It was time again already a few years ago that Sissela Kyle, 57, was directing at the Malmö Opera. But for various reasons did not have the plans in the lock. The job went to another director, unknown what.

– But I’m so glad that the theater Bengt Hall came back with a request again so I said yes on the spot this time.

You put up the old “top hat”, which is thus not an ice cream without a musical.

– Have you heard Irving Berling’s music, she asks rhetorically, adding precaution:

– It is fantastic. And of course Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers amazing in their respective roles. I do not know how many times I’ve seen the black and white film. And I’ve always identified with Ginger Rodgers. She was both from and tough in that role.

Lures national celebrities

Malmo Opera few years ago a tradition of attracting national celebrities to leading roles in musicals. Right now participates pop singer Sanna Nielsen in “Dr. Zhivago”. Charlotte Nilsson has appeared in “Evita” and Ola Salo in “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Both, incidentally awarded the Evening Post’s Edward for their respective performances.

– But we can not go out with who should do the lead roles in “Top Hat” yet.

Kyle, who will from Gothenburg but is based in Stockholm, has no real ties to Malmo more than she has relatives here.

– I have a niece in Malmo that I usually visit. But I have never worked in Malmö. More than understood in conjunction with Malmö Opera New Year events. Ronny Danielsson has committed myself there for a few years.

She looks forward to working fully in town.

– Malmo Opera is fantastic to work in, sit in and be in. It is the building, the atmosphere and the staff that attracts me.

“No unusual development”

For many, Sissela Kyle is best known as an actress and comedian.

– But in recent years it has become more of the other. Not that I stopped being on stage I work a lot as a host and hostess. But they are no unusual trends that an actor takes on more responsibility. It’s not that I started working at the bank but it’s the same world. But I want to take advantage of the knowledge I possess as an actress.

During the year, Sissela become a theater at the Park Theatre, but also worked with the sequel to “Miss Friman’s war.”

– I am so proud and happy for it. For the ensemble too. And because it rhymes so much with the person I am.

A little fly in the cup represented Guldbagge The row where Sissela accused of being racist.

– The gala was successful and fun, but it was sad that one of my jokes would be perceived as racist. It was a nasty blow to me and quite accidentally. But I realized that I had done wrong. I had been thoughtless and it asked me to apologize.

How have you gone on after that?

– I get to live and I will continue. But it was a pain afterwards, that was it.


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