Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sony’s “The Interview” will appear in cinemas in spite of threats – Aftonbladet

Despite threats – Sony releases scandal movie.

“The Interview” will appear on Christmas Day as decided.

– The freedom has triumphed, writes protagonist Seth Rogen on Twitter.

Satire movie “The Interview” became a national matter for the US, after hacker group Guardians of Peace claimed responsibility for the leak of the Sony.

They threatened to leak more sensitive information unless the film was withdrawn.

Sony hearkened requirement, and drew premiere on the grounds that no cinemas wanted to show Comedy.

Now, changing the film company.

According to CNN, Sony has decided to show “The Interview” in select theaters December 25, as scheduled.

– We are delighted that our film will be shown at several movie theaters this Christmas, says Sony picture-manager Michael Lynton according to CNN.

The FBI supports Sony

Police Authority FBI has previously ruled that North Korea is behind the hacker attack against Sony. They have, as President Barack Obama expressed the severity of the leak.

Now greet the FBI that they stand behind Sony’s decision to show “The Interview”.

– We are completely agree with the Sony says a spokesperson for the authority according to CNN.

“Freedom has triumphed”

Sony will also plan to make the film available via an on-demand service.

– We continue to look for more platforms and more cinemas so that this film reaches as large an audience as possible, said Michael Lynton.

A few minutes after Sony’s decision was published wrote actor Seth Rogen , which makes one of the lead roles in the film on Twitter:

– The people have spoken! Freedom has triumphed! Sony did not give up! The interview Komer be shown in cinemas who want to view it on Christmas Day!


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