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Director: Mats Jankell.Medverkande: Håkan Hellström, Freddie Wadling, Veronica … – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Culture Published December 16, 2014 kl. 04:00

Director: Mats Jankell.Medverkande: Håkan Hellström, Freddie Wadling, Veronica Maggio.Betyg: 4

About a and a half ago, wrote Jens Liljestrand a text in Expressen’s cultural side of Hakan Hellstrom’s self-imposed teenage outsider role, although Hellstrom long since grown up and become greatly successful. Hakan Hellstrom should, according Liljestrand, singing about how it is to buy fyrrummare and be middle-aged breadwinners.

It was a strange text, then, it feels even weirder after seeing Mats Jankells movie from Hellstrom’s mighty record concert on home ground Ullevi Stadium this summer, with 69 000 in the audience and a powerful hit parade and very logical guest artists on stage.

When the camera repeatedly pan past the teenage girls in sailor suit at the front at riot fence as one wishes that Hakan Hellstrom never stop singing about what it’s like to be 20 years old and lost, with the heart in pieces and no future . Can he do it, so he must. I do not in any way diminish Lily Strand’s desire to grow up with an artist he has previously identified with – it’s safe asjobbigt to have a permanent job as a journalist in the day and having to worry about if you can afford the loan in the summer house – but if Hakan Hellstrom still and constantly reach out and give comfort to new generations of young people in a world of climate threats, youth unemployment and xenophobia, it’s probably still maybe a little more important.

The strength of Mats Jankells in many respects the right of conventional concert film – not least in comparison with the more poetic “Brother Daniel forever” if one is to take a recent example – is precisely the depiction of the fans. There is a direct heartbreaking love in the clips, in the fiery young conviction that Hellstrom put words to their particular faith and doubt. Not many other artists doing the equally dot safe, open-hearted and humble. While there are quite many cultural practitioners who writes songs, books or movies about being 39 years old and have repayment problems.

Mattias Dahlström


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