Thursday, December 25, 2014

Film Premieres in Christmas – Göteborgs-Posten

The Comedy

Mike & amp; Veronica

Director: Mr Lindberg

With: Izabella Scorupco, David Hellenius, Suzanne Reuter, Philip Zandén and Peter Magnusson

Sweden, 2014 (105 min)

The film Micke & amp; Veronica is a fun movie. In addition, the sunny summer pictures from Bohuslän, writes GP’s critics Mats Johnson.

The Swedish film year began with the romantic comedy Love Deluxe and ends with the romantic comedy Mike & amp; Veronica . I seriously doubt that anyone really remembers Love Deluxe. The movie, with Moa Gammel in the lead role, is one of many alarming Swedish total flop at the cinema in 2014.

Very much better crowd conditions for Mike & amp; Veronica. Firstly, this is a fun movie. Secondly, it may well not be anyone in the Swedish winter darkness that does not go around and yearn for sunny summer pictures from Bohuslän?

Staffan Lindberg’s new movie reminds me a lot about his own A Midsummer Night’s Party . Then with the crowd-puller Peter Magnusson in the lead role while David Hellenius had to settle for a few minutes in front of the camera. In Micke & amp; Veronica is the reversal of roles, and not against me.

There is a well-functioning chemistry between Hellenius and Izabella Scorupco, who usurped the best replicas. The film is generally sympathetic and hilly most of the time when the main characters are put in a spate of embarrassing situations. An unusually inspired Philip Zandén may take pretty big place in the role of Tommy, an over-aged rock star with the future behind.

Action: When the doctor Veronica (Scorupco) is in need of a craftsman, she meets carpenter Mike (Hellenius) . They basically have nothing whatsoever in common, but liking arises slowly. Both are divorced. When the opportunity to borrow a beach house on the west coast reveals himself think Veronica and Mike to it’s location to bat. With them, they take their children Fanny and Alexander. The names beds for an Ingmar Bergman joke, repeated a little too often in the movie.

It does not get much love to vacation for Mike and Veronica. Fanny and Alexander hate each other. In a house nearby live Veronicas pesky upper-class parents. Locals do not have much sympathy for locals.

The jokes revolve around relationships, cultural clashes, sailing, tennis (a small wink to Jacques Tati in Mr. Hulot’s Holiday), and a missing spanner (wrench is more fun than it sounds).

So here’s the deal: If a movie should work out at the box office in the long run it does not help with hysterical marketing and positive reviews. What is decisive is about ordinary moviegoers recommend the film to friends and acquaintances. It is certainly the case with Mike & amp; Veronica. No success in the class with One hundred year-old , but this romantic comedy will chew on for a while.

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