Thursday, December 18, 2014

Therefore threatens Ulf Lundell ban ‘Open landscape’ Ulf Lundell. – Aftonbladet

“Open Landscape” has been called an alternative national anthem.

But if the Sweden Democrats are strong in additional choice would Ulf Lundell prohibit the playing.

“When there are no open country anymore,” he writes on his blog.

Ulf Lundell, 65, goes out with an election promise.

The artist is threatening to withdraw one of his most beloved songs, “Open Landscape”, on the Sweden Democrats, SD gets enough votes in the extraordinary elections in March.

“If SD may be 20% or more on March 22, I intend to prohibit all gambling of ‘Open landscape’ in radio, television, from scenes and stages in this country. When there are no open country anymore, “he writes on his newly started blog.

Responds to Jomshofs criticism

In the post he commented even SD’s right political spokesperson Richard Jomshofs statement this week about To Lundell not up to scratch as an artist.

“I read in the leaf that Jomshof SD think that I am an” extremely poor performer. “So extreme. Strange then that the SD stole ‘Open landscape’ and used it on his website a few years ago, “he writes on the blog.

The song was on the Sweden Democrats’ website in 2002. When threatened, the beloved artist sue the party.

– Of course I will be pissed. No party shall steal my song or my name, it’s obvious extra bad if there is the Sweden Democrats, he said then.

Demanded Björn Söder’s resignation

Earlier this week the people dear artist to attack on SD’s party secretary Björn Söder, including Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

Söders statements in Dagens Nyheter, DN, on Sunday that Jews and Sami are not Swedes did Lundell furious. The artist demanded that Björn Söder would resign as Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

“I’m embarrassed for someone like south, a small diktatorstyp folk to sit and slugging club in a table in the Swedish parliament.” Wrote he on his blog on Monday.

Aftonbladet developed Björn Söder his view of the national minorities in Sweden.

– They’re a national minority, based on their own identity. This includes the course is not in the national or Swedish nation. However, they are in all probability Swedish citizens and Swedish in that sense, he said.

Ulf Lundell has not been possible to reach for comment.


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