Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rage against the old man’s dominion “Bingolottos” christmas eve – Aftonbladet

“Old Man’s Party”.

It is the viewers’ judgment on Bingolottos uppesittarkväll in TV4.

– It was just a fucking ploy thing, says Glenn Hysén who participated in the program.

Ingvar Oldsberg , 69, leads Bingolottos traditional uppesittarkväll.

The program visited among other Carl Jan Granqvist , Lotta Bromé , Anna Blomberg and David Hellenius .

Although the schedule of performers and entertainment profiles on paper looks equal out between the number of women and men, the viewers are clear in its judgment: an old man tonight.

“Everyone seems full”

“Old Man Festival on #Bingolotto begins to derail. Bert Karlsson is wearing an apron and thrown eggs (?!). And I look at the “Tweets userlindahornfeldt.

Twittrarenfinnlof writes:

” So very old men feast on this uppesittarkväll – now seems all full!? “

More agrees.

“Horribly looking rather and dusty at TV4 uppesittarkväll” writes twittrarenfrida_ja.

“Just a ploy thing”

The criticism erupted when a choir titled “Gubbröra” performed the song “Hard Packages”. In the chorus, which only consisted of men were Jan Rippe , Ralf Edström , Thomas Ravelli , Christian Olsson , Thomas Wernerson , Marcel Desailly , Glenn Hysén , Magnus Wislander , Bert Karlsson , Eddy Bengtsson , Jörgen Mörnbäck , David Lega and Ingvar Oldsberg yourself.

Afterward, says Glenn Hysen that he did not have any understanding of the criticism.

– Not a damn thing. It was just a fucking ploy thing, he says.

The text of the song goes “The best thing we know is hard package, so give us a car, a drill, a boat”.

– It was just a go ‘Christmas song. That’s all, nothing fancy, says Glenn Hysén.

Glenn Hysen says that the song and its message was only meant as a joke.

– Can not women do the same then? Lotta Schelin or some may well start a group and run a song about something? Or we can mix us next year, he said.

Even record company director Bert Karlsson sighs to criticism.

– Then well the girls looking at something next year then. It was Ingvar who wanted to pull this together, he says.

On the music front, it was equal, with Robert Wells , Tommy Körberg , Sissel Kyrkjebø , Nanne Grönvall , Doug Seegers , Andreas Weise , Ace Wilder , and Idol winner Lisa Ajax .

Nöjesbladet have sought in vain Ingvar Oldsberg.

TV COLUMN if uppesittarkriget: “It was the highlight”


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