Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sara Danius new permanent secretary – Daily

During Saturday’s ceremonial meeting of the Stock Exchange building in Stockholm announced Peter Englund his resignation. There was a murmur through the stock exchange hall, where among other royal family was, when the news came.

– I took office, and then the idea was that I give this six years. That was the agreement. Since it has not been safe, for I must have a very good successor, says Peter Englund.

Now, he thinks that he has it.

– I think she will do the job better than I did.

In the future, among others, the family on schedule.

– Now I’ll write a little, read a little more aimlessly and devote myself to my five children.

No secret

The Academy’s office manager Odd Zschiedrich told TT that it is no secret that Peter Englund was a little difficult to persuade when he became constant Secretary:

– He has many research assignments and books left to write, and it has proved difficult to reconcile.

Sara Danius date is 1 June and is then Academy spokesman outwards. Her most public task will be understood to announce the Nobel Prize in literature in the fall.

Former sat the Permanent Secretaries significantly longer than six years.

– Today is a another society and, not least, a media spotlight that require a full-time job as it may not be made earlier, says Odd Zschiedrich who says that the choice of Sara Danius has taken place in “a long process” during the Academy meetings.

The Annual Meeting was the occasion when the academy’s latest member, JARGONISTIC, got his seat.

– It feels quite extraordinarily, he told TT afterwards.

The mother is “overrated proud”

Sara Danius mom, writer Anna Wahlgren, is in India.

“I’ve known about the big secret for a long time, but had to promise Sara to say nothing. And here, silent as the wall. But now it is announced, I am wretch proud! “writes Anna Wahlgren in an email to TT.

The author Åsa Moberg sees Sara Danius appointment as a blow for equality, but do not think it is something that the Swedish Academy of thought in his choice of her.

– She is a very well qualified woman and then it’s funny that there is an entry with such a large international impact. Now you just have to see her open that door every year, says Åsa Moberg.

Albert Bonnier, which publishes Sara Danius books, is the joy great.

– I think it’s an excellent choice, Sara Danius have shown that scientists and literary connoisseur that she is an exceptionally skillful literary readers, says Daniel Sandström, literary manager of the publisher.

Sara Danius be December 28 host the Winter program on Swedish Radio. There, she thinks, among other things, talk about his ongoing cancer treatment.


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