Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Henry Dorsins nightmare before prestigious task – Aftonbladet

He is known from “Grotesco” and became Ove Sundberg with over Sweden in the ‘sunny side’.

Now this year julvärd Henrik Dorsin worried about not being able to control the mouth broadcast live.

– What if I start speaking in tongues, he said.

You should sit facing several million Swedes and present Donald Duck on Christmas Eve. Do you feel ready?

– Yes. What could possibly go wrong is if someone screws up or technique that I get the willies just before transmission. There are two stuff that I’m worried about now. I have never found myself in a situation like this before and I do not know how I will react. It is most interesting to see, for myself anyway. What if I type starts speaking in tongues. Thus gibberish, and that mouth lives its own life or something.

How many times have you practiced to light candles after you received this mission?

– It’s something that I’m not so worried, but as everyone says I should be worried about. The times I’ve done it when we have rehearsed a little bit so it has gone well. Where it may be good to have stage experience. When you stood on the stage, it has of course happened that things do not work and then solve it simply. Then you just say “Oh, today I was shaky on his hand, wondering why.” The main thing is that it is quiet while you light the light I think.

“No nonsense!”

Are you steady hand?

– I’m not generally a steady hand at all. I have poor motor skills. I’m not entirely comfortable with fire either. But there is, as I said other elements that I now am more worried. That the tongue would paste itself in the palate or something so I can not speak. It sounds like that I can find, but it’s true. I’m worried that the tongue goes numb with fear.

You have promised some old fashioned cosiness, why?

– I think it’s great. There’s Christmas in a kind of longing for everything to be as it always has been. It’ll be the same way. It is perhaps not generally for every person, but I think that feeling is quite widespread.

Is there no nonsense at all?

– No, will be no madness! But the madness of a “Grotesco” section’s impossible to compare with the madness of the Eurovision Song Contest or a madness when to be julvärd. It is a mission where you actually have a job. There can, so to say, in the aggregate from julstudion. I have a task that I will pursue, where I will oscillate between being a bit humorous but also serious.

Be afraid the whole Christmas Eve

What about the celebration in the family ?

– Full thickness family celebrates Christmas Eve. Televisions are likely to stand on so that I am presently there. Since we are celebrating together all the day.

Have you experienced any really bad in July sometime?

– There is a 1980-owned town vampire movie called ” The Lost Boys “. It’s really not scary, but it was a classmate who threw in the home the day before Christmas. I was maybe ten years old and I was really scared for the film and could not let it go. So my whole Christmas Eve I just went, thinking how scary that movie was. It ruined my Christmas, I remember clearly how bad I felt the movie.

“I Believe is Donald”

We’re talking more pleasant memories instead, which was your best Christmas?

– I would say that my best Christmas was the last year that my grandparents were alive. We have always celebrated Christmas with my grandparents, either in their home or at home with us. Then they went away in closely followed. But I remember the last Christmas when both were in life that I actually thought “now I appreciate it.” It was over ten years ago.

What are you doing right after the broadcast today?

– I think I will feel relieved!

Finally, who in the “Donald Duck’s Christmas”, you identify yourself with the most?

– It depends on what mood I’m in. I actually think I have to say Donald Duck. He is a bit neurotic and I can also be occasionally.


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