Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SMHI warns of snowstorms – Aftonbladet

SMHI warns of a snowstorm on Christmas Eve.

It will blow and snowing hard in both Vaesternorrland and Uppsala.

Aftonbladet updates on weather and the traffic situation throughout Christmas Eve.

During the day in Västernorrland and during the evening at the coast of Uppland can expect a really snowy weather, with strong winds and the risk of drifting. At the coast of Uppland can it be four inches of snow.

– There is a snow field over Västernorrland, which will move south during the day and in Uppland, it may be a bit difficult conditions with local ice, says Alexandra Ohlsson, meteorologist at SMHI .

Three Class 1 warnings are issued in Vaesternorrland, Uppsala and Stockholm County.

But despite the snowy weather seems to only those celebrating in Norrland get a real Christmas, with snow and cold. Further south sees the contrast set to be above freezing and rain.

– snow line is right now a bit north of Lake Vänern and then up towards Värmland and Gastrikland. It’s a little uncertain if more will get snow during the day, above all, it is uncertain how much will fold, says Alexandra Ohlsson.

Otherwise, all celebrating Christmas expected 15-20 degrees below zero in northern Norrland, and all the way at the top colder than that. And for those who celebrate during Götaland could expect a warm Christmas with temperatures above freezing.


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