Friday, December 19, 2014

Timbro attacked Advent Calendar – Göteborgs-Posten

Timbro accuses SVT to portray employed as villains. In an article in Expressen envisioning the writers back in time and “fond memories of what Advent Calendar was about when we were little.”

In an article in Expressen go Mats Olin Timbro Media Institute and Niclas Carlsson , president of entrepreneurial Founders Alliance network, hard to SVT’s Christmas calendars.

Reason: They believe that public Service Christmas calendars in recent years has painted employed as rogues. In this year’s advent calendar SVT Pirate Cat’s secret is threatened the beautiful Croatian Orchid Coast by a company wishing to exploit and tear down the entire coast.

This does not like Carlsson and Olin, who writes, “We do not propose Advent calendar that allows the entrepreneur to hero but perhaps it would be reasonable that SVT stopped beating their own prejudices about entrepreneurship. “

They have a number of examples of caricatures in recent years Christmas calendars:

2011 Thieves Christmas: Director Skan is the villain who owns the big department store and make money at the orphanage children slave labor.

2010 Hotel Golden murmur: The family Grossman, with a newly built hotel usurped Hotels clients.

2013 Barna Hedenhös invents Christmas: Mom murmur portrays a poor stress management, and those unsympathetic Prime Minister has sold out item, railways and schools.

2008 The beard in the mailbox: The bad guys are toy shopkeeper Director lady and Mr. Stigsson who took over his father’s business and who hate the site.

2006 LasseMajas detektivbyrå: Among the culprits are coffee shop owner Steve Marsaan and bank director Hammar.

The writers wish the country’s children got a more nuanced picture of entrepreneurship by Advent calendar, because “Dreams of the future are formed early, and many children will at some time consider becoming an entrepreneur. “

The article concludes with” Many of us who heat recall what Advent Calendar was about when we were little. Thanks for the SVT. “Possibly a little surprising, not least the ’60s and’ 70s calendars endured heavy criticism for being left-handed.


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