Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lasse kroners coup against the SVT heads – Expressen

Here kuppar Lasse Kronér against SVT – and appears in TV4′s uppesittarkväll with friend Ingvar Oldsberg.

– He wants to be a channel that has viewers, says Ingvar Oldsberg in a sharp fit on live television.

– This can be the last thing I do on TV, says Kronér.

Uppesittarkampen is over. Lasse Kronér and Ingvar Oldsberg had time for a whole range taunt each other on SVT and TV4 during the evening.

They also hinted that Lasse Kronér might show up in the competitor’s broadcast.

– It’s the hostess made, changed from SVT, TV4, joked the guest David Hellenius in Bingolotto studio.

– I know nothing about, tried Ingvar Oldsberg hide it all during a break in the program.

But Kronér arrived – the very end of TV4′s live broadcast showed SVT profile up and embraced his rival and friend Ingvar Oldsberg in the box. He had gone directly from its own transmission through Gothenburg.

– He wants to be a channel that has viewers responded Oldsberg then Kronér appeared and wished merry Christmas.

Kronér explains that he kept it all secret from their bosses.

– The managers do not know, it is a private initiative. This may become the last thing I do on TV, he said.


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