Sunday, December 21, 2014

Constantly people dear Englund – Express

Karin Olsson if they no longer as permanent secretaries in Swedish Academy.

Swedish Academy receives its first female permanent secretary in literature professor and writer Sara Danius . It occurs in one of our most venerable institutions, before the country has had its first female prime minister. Something does that say about the modernization Academy has undergone, especially under Peter Englund as permanent secretary.

The Academy few decades ago was seen as a conservative establishment that every rebellious young writer should disgust, it is now virtually a much loved institution. A year were issued a lavish coffee table book about its work and an intimate documentary about the Academy’s inner life was shown on national television.

Englund has also blogging enthusiastically about everything from the demise of Terminology Centre at Mercedes-Benz “grave looting” of Boye . He has been a medial available representatives, while a widely appreciated historian and author.

Englund’s most highly acclaimed Nobel Prize went to Tomas Tranströmer and a little less successful to Mo Yan , which was followed by turbulence on jävsanklagelser, which Englund handled a little too petulant. But when he during the Annual Meeting on Saturday evening announced his resignation, he can soon return to life as a writer in the knowledge that posthumous going to be good.

The question is whether the increasingly intrusive outside world made the Permanent little less constant. Englund just held out for more than five years. I hope that Danius, perhaps best known to the public as a newspaper writer, will take this to be as outgoing as their representative.


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