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Scorupco and Hellenius lovers in the new comedy – Göteborgs-Posten

A love story. A class crash. A fishing shirt. Summer, sun and west coasts, a slightly over-year Björn Borg copy and David Hellenius. It is the contents of Mike & amp; Veronica, where Hellenius makes his first starring role.

They sit comfortably reclined in the seats of Film i Vast, David Hellenius and producer Lena Rehnberg. Heated after several days of press days and morning sofas with Mike & amp; Veronica in focus. And then even further back – David and Lena have worked together in several other films. Actually in all three films Lena’s Annual Stella Nova produced earlier: A Midsummer Night’s Party , One for the money and Monica Z .

After having acted record label CEO of Monica Z makes David his first starring role, as the carpenter Jeff, who finds love in the doctor Veronica, played by Izabella Scorupco.

David Hellenius can not stress enough how much all seasoned colleagues meant when he had to take the step at the top of the cast.

– It is important to have a palette of different types and ages of the actors. I have been incredibly much help from everyone and to be working with Suzanne Reuter was a dream!

Izabella Scorupco and he hit it off immediately and the chemistry between them is very evident in the film, which not only contains a palette when terms of actors, but also in terms of feelings.

There is humor and thoughtfulness in a mixture, brought the audience to laugh and cry (of movement) at the previews that have taken place so far.

– We have been looking to get people to laugh at things one can recognize and encounter. Like for example, that even though you yourself are stormkär is not so sure that children and others around like it, explains Lena Rehnberg.

David, who has been involved in the film project from the beginning, tells how it was when he met his wife, television profile Renée Nyberg.

– It is always good to rake a bit where you stand and this is something you CAN. I myself have been in Mike’s and Veronica’s situation, since Renee had kids when we met. We wanted to move in together but decided to proceed carefully for the children’s sake – so I lived in the basement of Town Hall in several months …

In addition to humor and different types of recognition is also a class theme of the picture . Veronica’s parents are filthy rich and fisförnäma.

– So Joiner-Micke is zero from the beginning, says David, who admits it’s a bit nervous before the premiere.

– It is so clearly blast with critical acclaim, but what you mainly want is people to laugh and enjoy it. And if we get good grades, so I hope it’s for the extra base film has!


Fact: Mike & amp; Veronica

  • Romantic comedy with theatrical release 25/12.
  • Recorded in Bohuslän and Stockholm in the summer of 2013
  • Is about the carpenter Fox and the physician Veronica who meet and become lightning in love. But all is not as enthusiastic, which is exposed to the full and brought to a head during a sunny holiday week in Bohuslän.
  • Cast: David Hellenius, Izabella Scorupco, Suzanne Reuter, Claes Ljungmark, Philip Zandén, Cecilia Ljung , Dag Malmberg, Peter Magnusson and others.
  • Scripts & amp; directed by Staffan Lindberg, Producer: Lena Rehnberg

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