Friday, December 19, 2014

Lundell prohibits open landscape – Göteborgs-Posten

The author and artist Ulf Lundell’s song “Open Landscape” has been proposed as Sweden’s unofficial national anthem. But if it goes “too” good for the Sweden Democrats in the election of 22 March, the song will not be played at all.

“When there are no open landscape here anymore,” writes Lundell in his own blog Badger’s operation .

If the SD gets 20 percent or more in the election, he intends to ban all gambling of “Open Landscape” in radio, television and from venues and stages in Sweden.

It has long thundered between Ulf Lundell and the Sweden Democrats, not the least of which is the SD used the “Open Landscape” on his website a few years ago. Latest other day commented Lundell SD politician Björn Söder statements in Dagens Nyheter and explained that the South should resign as Second Vice President.

When the Evening Post asked him about the prohibition to play “Open Landscape”, he replied via email:

“It will probably not that hard.”


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