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Viva Hate | SVT – Göteborgs-Posten


Viva Hate


Director: Jens Lien.

By: Tom Ljungman, Anna Åström, Wilhelm Johansson, Lena Endre, Peter Andersson et al.

Sent: SVT 1 25, 28 and 29 December, 21:00.

Many Swedish television drama suffers from too low tells pace. It does not apply to Viva Hate. Peter Birro and director Jens Lien tells a tale with indie punk pretended drive and the three one-hour sections literally rushing. It harmonizes nicely with the story of young love, music blasting power and the desire to break away and become somebody, get somewhere.

This is a heartfelt project for Birro and tremendous care has been taken environments and attributes to recreate the early 90th century Gothenburg. The photo-sensitive, but with some strange camera angles. I take it that you do not want to risk getting with contemporary markers in a movie with such a clear position in time and space.

memory lane or youth drama?

For those of us who hung on vault, Magazine, Underground and all the black clubs in the 90s, Viva Hate a journey, complete with carefully selected songs and strikingly good original music by Ian Person from Soundtrack of our lives.

There will be However, also part of the series problems. I’m not crazy about who Viva Hate addressed. Is it a nostalgia trip for us 70 Baby Boomers who were with then? Or a youth drama with classic basic themes of love, rebellion and to find their way? It becomes a bit of everything – and none of it fully.

Viva Hate addressed to me, I had wanted to see a much more complex plot. As it is now I sit and trestles of anticipated and often cliché-fueled twists and events that they were not particularly successful scenes with smågangstern Soren (Peter Andersson), as the protagonist, Daniel (Tom Ljungman) and his brother owe money. Andersson’s good, it’s not that, but what is supposed to be screwed violence comedy does not reach all the way and then there will be sadly At times even embarrassing farce.

Well worth the folding time

Viva Hate want to reach young people had had the courage to let go of some of the nostalgia and scrubbed among darlings and iconic scenes. I wish Viva Hate had been a youth drama, complete with heart in hand and hard focus on dialogue and characters. Sure, music and period detail is fine spices but they are still spices, not main ingredients.

The End of whinging. The budding love story between Daniel and Fanny (excellent played with small means of Anna Åström – her I want to see more of!) Does not feel too traditional. I like that Daniel is approaching Fanny with guard down, without playing the game. We see far too often in depictions of young love.

And there are several golden moments that make it well worth the folding three hours at Viva Hate. The scene where Daniel plays acoustic her mother (Lena Endre) is urfin (just enjoy how Endre working with his eyes) and do not miss Adam Lundgren’s small but wonderfully well played understudy who Thåström later. Lundgren, who can also be seen as unpleasant neo-in Blue eyes on SVT growing every role and is on track to become one of his generation’s best actors.


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