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Marie-Louise Ekman’s farewell – Göteborgs-Posten

The farewell party is over at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Retiring the theater Marie-Louise Ekman leave the theater with a strong economy and positive audience to his successor. Still worried she Dramatens future.

There were treated to hot dogs marble foyer. A congenial farewell menu for a theater manager who clearly stated that she wanted to blur the Royal Dramatic theater snob stamp.

The thresholds must be removed was the message when Marie-Louise Ekman took office in 2009. In the corridor leading to the boss room has top manager with black marker pen directly on the wall pedagogical spelling out the old men and old women are depicted in portraits.

It’s just days away from the six-year mandate, but Marie-Louise Ekman allows no sentimentality. She works here and now, prefer to talk about the future than looking backwards. Right now Dramatens economy “very good”, but the next few years worrying her.

– If we do not receive financial grossing gallops it away at a tremendous rate, she said.

The theater sits, like many other state institutions, in a leghold trap, she says. Dramatic Theatre’s mission is stipulated in minute detail, but the annual financial enumeration does not correspond to wage movement’s outcome.

– We have a wage movement that might end up at 2.4 per cent and we get 0.4 percent in the enumeration and Then we have a rent increase it. The authorities’ view of a government institution is that each year the slim and pull down.

All managers employed today – whether it be in business or a state institution – get that mission, she says . Pull down on staff or workspaces, but still improve the results. The perception of the economy and labor is only destructive, believes Marie-Louise Ekman.

But how openly critical, you have been able to be as head of a government institution?

– You can be the critical one wants, I believe. But in each context is permitted to choose their battles and choose when one is constructive and when is destructive. I think we have a good financial allocation here. What I am against is what I call a slow drain. It’s a strange National economic planning and vision to do so.

It is nearly time to roll out the stuffed llama who graced Marie-Louise Ekman’s manager s and move into Eirik Stubøs furniture. But llama get a new home with Young Dramatic Theater, one of the outgoing boss’s baby. The business has for a number of years on the stand-alone scene generator had to move back into the heart of the theater.

Scenes feel good to spin around a bit, she says. Organizationally omtänk and new additions as hip hop concert Ladies First and spoken word events have highlighted both the audience and the mood among employees. The lonely artist Marie-Louise Ekman became a widely acknowledged popular manager who has received several awards for his leadership, most recently Head Galan big honorary award in April.

But have you managed to wash away snob stamp from the Royal Dramatic Theatre?

– I do not know if I can say that I have succeeded in this or not. Still, many people think they have to look a certain way or have a certain formation to go here. Not everybody knows that they automatically have access to Royal Dramatic Theater, they think happy that other people are finer than themselves.

And that is unfortunate.

Facts: Marie- Louise Ekman

■ Born: in 1944.

■ Lives: in Stockholm.

■ Family: The husband Gösta Ekman, children Johanna, Loviisa, Billie, Robin and Mons. Six grandchildren.

■ Background: Artist, professor of painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm 1984-1991, principal of the same school from 1999 to 2008. Took over as head of the Royal Dramatic Theatre den 1 January 2009.

■ Current: completes its mission as drama manager last December. Then returns to free artistic activities.


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