Monday, December 29, 2014

Madonna seek peace with Lady Gaga – Göteborgs-Posten

Madonna tries to defuse conflict with Lady Gaga. “I wish no harm to any other female artist,” she writes.

Madonna continues to have problems with her unfinished songs leaking online. The star’s frustration is evident in one of her recent posts on Instagram.

“There are those who want to silence me, but it can handle not. We still live in a world that discriminate against women. There are people who are hateful and try to create conflicts between strong women,” writes Madonna.

The background is the leaked song Two Steps Behind where the text is adopted as a powerful diss of Lady Gaga.

“I wish no harm to any other female artist,” writes Madonna on Instagram and says that she is not willing or able to defend the music and lyrics that she had not chosen to release to the fans and that she believes has been stolen from her.

She also calls her fans not to write viciousness in the comments. Lady Gaga has already had time to answer Madonna through its own Instagram. “Beware witch, I will put a curse on you,” announced Gaga.

Madonna’s management has not yet managed to find out how it is that the music from her upcoming album has been leaked online.

Anyway, the attention of Madonna’s new music has been massive. When she unannounced released a number of songs through I-tunes to those who were willing to pre-order the CD she topped the sales charts worldwide.


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