Wednesday, February 17, 2016

12: 48Höga an expectation for the Eurovision Song Contest in Norrköping – Norrköping Newspapers

Seven grants will be for two when artists like Oscar Zia and Swingfly clash in Saturday’s music competition. The tourist office in Norrköping, they are not surprised that the tickets are already sold out.

– the Eurovision Song Contest is always a hyped event and attracts a very large audience. The tickets sold out first evening, says Viveca Valgren, tourist information on Experience Norrköping.

When the tickets were released in October last year, there were many families who booked seats, and some may have had an ulterior motive with ticket purchases.

– I can imagine that many bought them as Christmas gifts to their children, says Viveca Valgren.

4500 people will gather in Himmelstalundshallen to see some of Sweden’s most famous artists vying for the two final spots in the Friends Arena. Although there are no places left in Himmelstalundshallen many will follow the race at home in your living room. Wilma and Eimy stock are some of those who will upload large team ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest.

– Last year we drank champagne and ate strawberries and we will surely do something similar this year, says Eimy stock.

What are progressing, they are not convinced, but Wilma Warehouses think a debutante could surprise.

– I think Lisa Ajax can proceed. Many recognize her after she was in the idol, she says.

Others are not as enthusiastic about the event and will not put any focus on Saturday’s contest.

– I kommmer not to watch Saturday. I am not at all interested in the Eurovision Song Contest, says Maria Gustafsson is on its way down Queen Street.

It was seven years ago, the Eurovision Song Contest was in the city, and interest in the music competition continues to grow. Stefan Papangelis is CEO of Experience Norrköping behind the event and says that it is hard work and good planning is behind the high audience engagement.

– The sell-off was so quick only shows that we can deliver a good festival and we have arranged it in a good way. It feels great that we can offer a good entertainment for people.

In this year’s starting field are several debutants hoping to go ahead and fix it to the final but Stefan Papangelis think that’s the more experienced festivladeltagarna who gets to go to Friends Arena.

– Oscar Zia and Swingfly will go ahead and Lisa Ajax will compete in the second chance, he said.


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