Friday, February 26, 2016

Broke through the age of six – now he debuts in the contest – Aftonbladet

Gävle. Friends’ support makes him feel safe.

Now leave Frans Jeppsson-Wall “Zlatan Frans” behind .

– this is why I go into this so calmly. For I know that nothing will change, he says.

He struck out of nowhere when he was seven years old.

With “who’s da man”, a tribute to Ibrahimovic for the World Cup 2006, the Frans Jeppsson-Wall perform on big stages like “Sing-along at Skansen ‘on SVT.

Ten after the super hit is Frans Jeppsson-Wall , 17, back, but “Zlatan Frans”, he is ready to leave behind.

– I was so small, so I do not remember much of it. I remember better through all the videos, but I hardly knew what I did to be honest. It’s only now I realize how big it was, he says.

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the year’s best selling single

the song was on the hit list of a total of 19 weeks and became the biggest-selling single of that year.

– I’m proud, it’s fun to have been if. But I’ve heard that song a few times, so to speak, ha ha. There are those who love to sing on it, at parties, there has been little småstörigt. You outgrow it simply, he says.

– I lived of course not in any “Zlatan bubble” from the time I was seven, so it has not been that way. But there are now people understand that it’s me. A little “yeah, that’s him. Is not he spent six years?” ha ha.

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“Feels safe and comfortable”

“If I were sorry “he wants us to get to know the true Frenchman. With the help of the friends he keeps the nerves in the shack and feet on the ground.

– I go back to school on Monday. Nothing will change really, I have been so fucking awesome friends. They are many and they are close to them do not play this matter, he said.

– It feels safe and comfortable. That’s why I go into this so calmly, I know I have my friends. There are those who behave differently, which sees me as the character “Mello-Frans”, but I take it positively. As long as I have my friends, it feels no pain.

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