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Zara Larsson on tour – with Justin Bieber – Expressen

Zara Larsson will be the opening act for Justin Bieber on his European tour.

This information according to Aftonbladet.

– Right now, neither I nor Zara say much, says Atena Banisaid record company Ten Music Group told the newspaper.

September arable superstar Justin Bieber on tour in Europe – according to data to Aftonbladet, the Swedish rising star Zara Larsson be that connected.

according to the newspaper, she should also have received a request to warm up Bieber’s US tour starts in March.

– Right now, neither I nor Zara say much. But it’ll get more info soon, says Atena Banisaid, record company representative at Ten Music Group told the newspaper.

Zara’s mother, Agnetha Larsson confirms that tour cooperation has been going on but would not comment further data, the paper said.

Justin Bieber’s European tour

During the European tour, he plays at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm on 29 and 30 September. And they went, to say the least, ate in a flash.

Earlier this year, partied Zara Larsson and Justin Bieber together in Los Angeles.

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In his podcast “Fantastic Voyage” she told him about the meeting with the superstar.

– I can only say one thing, my sweat was brutal. It was brutal, but I was like this: “Oh, nice to meet you”, played cool. He had very dark lips too red wine, so I just: “Like wine?” He: “Yes,” she said then.

They talked for a while, then he invited over Zara Larsson to his table to continue the party.

– He stood and talked about his Grammy Power, he was glad he was nominated finally, he would sing but do not really know what he would do, he would do it himself. And I stood and just looked at him, and in some strange way, I felt I did not get starstrucked. After a few ifs and buts do we get there a few, partying, and it was so sick.

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Zara Larsson: “Nervous”

Before the evening was over, caught both Justin Bieber and Zara Larsson with singing to each other.

– Justin sits like a meter away, I sing there, little nervously. I sang Sabina Ddumbas “Not too young”, I got the feeling for it.

– I felt the way my heart pounded off, but was very quiet.

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