Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lindarw: SVT should have washed the dishes Molly Sanden – Aftonbladet

Norrköping. SVT has put out next week’s contributions by Molly Sanden-leak.

Now, says Christer Lindarw to production should drop their rules and publish the weekly songs.

– I think they must think it through there, he says to Aftonbladet.

After that parts of Molly Sanden Melodifestivalen Contributions leaked online published SVT 30 seconds of all the songs that will compete next week.

Now think Christer Lindarw 62, vying with After Dark song “Come out like a star” in this week’s finals in Norrköping SVT should lay out the week’s contributions as well.

– There one can find in that the release next week of songs, but then on the other hand, those who competed in the weeks before to think that they did not get the same chance. There is no justice, he said.

Lindarw mean to Molly Sanden received a special treatment of the production.

– They want obviously keep her, really, she should have been washed just like Anna Book . But then they made this compromise.

Christer Lindarw remember a time when the competition’s contribution was only on a physical copy of the record company. He believes that SVT must soon abandon its rule on earlier publications to assert themselves in a world where contributions are sent between artists, dancers, record companies and composers.

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 So, SVT solve Molly låtfördel

– I think it’s strange that it does not leak more songs. They will find it difficult to maintain this policy. I think they must think it through there, either to songs not to have spread beyond the record company’s walls, or that everything is released at the same time after the press conference. I do not think it would play any role in the race actually, he says.

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