Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Here are the snack of ice Grammy Awards – Aftonbladet

Grammy Awards had barely run out before snack ice sheets spread on the web.

When Taylor Swift was praised she took the opportunity to praise his team.

In particular, Swede Max Martin.

What is a gala without the buzz?

After the American Grammy Awards everyone talking a lot on social media.

When superstar Taylor Swift received the award for the best album of the album “1989″ celebrated her their songwriters and producers.

But a hailed a little extra. Namely, the Swedish producer and the Polar Prize winner Max Martin .

– Most, I want to thank my coach and creative producer Max Martin, who has deserved to stand on this stage for 25 years, said Taylor Swift from the scene.

taunted Kanye West

Furthermore, in his acceptance speech talked artist about how tough the music business can be for women.

– I want to say to all young women out there that there will be people on the way who will try to reduce your successes and take credit for your accomplishments, and your fame.

There is now speculation in this part of the speech was a dig at Kanye West on his latest album sings that he did Taylor known.

Taylor Swift is the first female artist to receive a Grammy for album of the year twice.

brought his little brother

But the snack ice on the star does not stop there.

in addition to her new haircut got some attention was the reaction when Ed Sheeran praised for song of the year which attracted the attention of social media. Taylor was very shocked and overjoyed former flörtens profit.

Another who praised the gala was Justin Bieber . His first Grammy ever he got the dance song “Where are u now”. But most talk became about his date.

For the gala, he brought his little brother Jaxon , which he cheek kissed on the red carpet.

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Bowie hailed by Gaga

Adele was one of the artists who performed during the evening. But her effort made fans more shocked than impressed.

During the song disappeared namely sound and when it came back, the artist hard to keep focused. The fake notes had fans wondering what had happened to the star’s voice.

Another artist made a disastrous better. Lady Gaga celebrated the deceased superstar David Bowie with a medley of his greatest songs. And Bowie-inspired clothing.

Lady Gaga said during Bowie’s death for a little more than a month ago that her artistic career had not existed if it were not for him.

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