Friday, February 26, 2016

Gina dirawi secret messages in Mellon – Expressen

Here is gina dirawi and Sarah Dawn Finers emotional statement.

During the live broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest allows programs leading duo an intermission – with a secret message.

– You will cry, say gina dirawi.

gina dirawi and Sarah Dawn Finer reunited in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Programs leading duo worked together with the competition in 2012.

and during Saturday’s live broadcast will the two friends express a personal and emotional intermission.

Sarah Dawn Finer: “We are such thinkers”

– it is an honest and pretty hot programs. It is a little cozy. And then there is serious in it. We are also such thinkers, says Sarah Dawn Finer.

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Sarah Dawn Finer says that the number of “feel real”.

– We have always been those people who thought about having a real punch to a joke. A true spirit of why we bring up anything. And we have really succeeded this week, to do something that feels real. It is Rys your legs feel, says Sarah Dawn Finer.

gina dirawi think the tears will flow.

– You’ll see. You will cry. It is nice. It’s very nice. And I think that many will appreciate it, says gina dirawi.

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Secret message of the Eurovision Song Contest

Edward af Sillen’s director for the Eurovision Song Contest. He develops between the connector message like this:

– There is an intermission number that means a lot to us. There is something different. There are a number of origins and roots and how they together form this musical culture. We are all in this country has different roots and together form this culture, says Edward af Sillen.

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