Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Eagles of Death Metal back in Paris after the bloody attacks – Aftonbladet

Paris. On the legendary Olympia stage tonight: garage of the most brutal kind.

In the audience, 3000 people, an introverted mix of sentimentality and bitterness.

for it was the Eagles of Death Metal that after 3 months and 3 days returned to Paris from California’s deserts to which the band of five musicians, led by singer Jesse Hughes, said:

“We have unfinished business here …”

they had – with black humor – has been interrupted when last time played in Paris. It was the fateful evening of Friday 13 November. Terrorists from the Islamic caliphate IS, employee mass murder at a football stadium, at the Eagles concert of the classical music instead Bataclan and several cafes near the Place de la Republique.

The death toll was 130, of them 89 in the rock audience. The musicians escaped unscathed out the back door.

Concert for the survivors

All survivors were invited to the concert and it was touching to see more of them, with unhealed injuries, getting on crutches.

Paris pretend to be happy that it is unmarked by ogärningen. But no Parisians are indifferent: Tourism is badly damaged. Parisians throwing anxious looks over the back.

Psychologists were on hand in the concert hall.

A young woman, who queued up for close scrutiny by the police at the inlet, said:

– You never know – it could be two obsessed idiots out there in the suburbs with their Kalashnikovs want to ruin this night, too.

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“Show that we are not afraid”

at the boulevard that runs through the heart of Paris to the Opera, 80 policemen with submachine guns and bulletproof vests in the highest readiness.

A police officer said: “We are meticulous. We check people in at just the body. “

A young man named Fred fell into:

– For me, music is important. But I am here to also show that we Parisians are not afraid.

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“No day without crying”

the most clearly showed his emotions was the band leader Jesse Hughes. Ahead of us journalists, he said:

“No, I do not have nightmares. But when I wake up in the morning I was attacked by thoughts of what happened. Then I start to cry. No day goes by without me crying … “And he proved it by falling into tears in front of the TV cameras.

Then he said it snappy:” You should never leave a job half done. So we are back to finish it. And when Bataclan in time is restored, we will play there too. “

” Important to be here “

Their generosity – publicity and hunger – was received with warmth. Songs with chilling titles such as “Them Crooked Vultures” was like balm on paris the open-wounds and lacerated souls.

A thirty year old, Jean-Baptiste, broke away from a group of five friends to dictate his opinion:

– It is important to be here tonight. Paris is no longer in shock. We show that life goes on.


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