Monday, February 29, 2016

Chris Rock runs with white at the Oscars – Sveriges Radio

The night of Monday awarded the Oscar statuettes for the 88th time.

P5 GBG’s Oscar panel, filmvetarna Johanna Jansson and Tintin Scheynius, gives good grades this year’s host of the big gala.

– It went very well for Chris Rock hosted. His opening speech seemed at first to be a defense, but then it grew and blossomed into an obvious satire on Oscar’s representation flaws, says Johanna Jansson.

Much of the talk before the Oscars has been about because it is so large share of white actors, directors and filmmakers nominated.

One explanation may be the way it looks on the committee that selects the nominees, explains Tintin Scheynius.

– The Committee consists of 6000 people, and if you look at this committee, you start to understand why it looks the way it does. It is 89 percent white people, 74 percent are men and most are over 60 years.

Oscar Academy is well aware of the problem. But Oscar’s host chose to turn the fifth grade.

– What was good was that Chris Rock ran with it. It was a satire and he pointed out that the responsibility should not be at the Oscars, but break down this structure permeates the entire film industry in Hollywood, says Johanna Jansson.

– There must give cred to Chris Rock for the balance he manages to do, with one foot in the gala room and the other foot in the social media. Five out of five on the Chris Rock says Tintin Scheynius.

The point was that everyone must to their responsibilities.

– All filmmakers must take responsibility and realize that there is only one color for a role, but several colors for a role, says Johanna Jansson .

Why does it look like here?

– Money. It’s the only thing it’s about – safe money and secure cards. Large companies want to know what they are spending money on.


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