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Love Feast in the night after the Eurovision Song Contest – Expressen

It was a real love fest for Melodifestivalen fourth round.

Champagne was sprayed at the great celebration of the artists loved ones.

– Now I hugging, kissing and dancing, said Molly Sanden.

Linda Bengtzing necked loose with his partner Peter Ståhlgren.

The big afterparty after fourth round of the Eurovision Song Contest was held at the hotel Elite Grand Hotel Gavle.

Among other things, served champagne and a stew to the artists.

Molly Sanden promised before the party that she would dance after the win.

– Now I’m hugging, kissing and dancing, she says.

Celebrated without alcohol

Frans Jeppsson-Wall went even further, he directly to the final. However, he would take it easier – because he had not yet had time to turn 18.

– With a lot of water, because I can not drink alcohol, he said about the celebration.

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Love Fest in Gavle

And there was a real love feast after the race in Gävle. Linda Bengtzing arrived at the after-party with her husband Peter Ståhlgren and his family.

– I have family here, Mom, Dad, my boyfriend and friends to Mom and Dad. We are a very close-knit bunch, she said.

Necked out with my boyfriend

Linda Bengtzing necked loose with his partner Peter Ståhlgren at the after party.

There was also a some champagne spray. Molly Sanden opened a bottle.

– It feels absolutely amazing. It is such a nice feeling. I’m almost a little nervous, how long it lasts, she says of the profits.

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Molly Sanden sprayed champagne

She shook Moreover bottle and sprayed down several people with the drink.

– I think it’s so unnecessary panning so much champagne. Okay, it gets good shots, but I think it is unnecessary. I do not know, maybe I’m getting old, says Molly Sanden.

Her family was at the party, and her best friends – but she missed her boyfriend Danny Saucedo.

– Danny could be here, it would have been nice. But we’ll see tomorrow. He wishes he could be here, says Molly Sanden.

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