Friday, February 19, 2016

Dirawis harsh criticism – against Henry Schyffert – Expressen

Henry Schyffert ordered to Eurovision-ropes early as Wednesday.

But despite that, the script is not clear – now tells the program the leading duo of the work, and how they criticize each other.

– Gina is very quick on it. Almost all the time, says Henrik Schyffert.

SVT replacing guest TV host between each program during this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

It sets strict gina dirawi, the program leads every week.

This week Henry Schyffert guest host. He says he was ordered to Norrköping rehearsals already on Wednesday.

– I came last Wednesday. It was ordered. It was just to appear. I’m here on time, says Henrik Schyffert.

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gina dirawi: “No, I let hell no”

Henry Schyffert is the only one of this year’s guest host who write the script yourself. He does it with scripts group, led by Edward af Sillen.

But gina dirawi will also input on Henrik Schyffert materials.

– We do it together. But I have my own thing, I’ll do that Gina might not be very involved in. But everybody reads everything, says Henrik Schyffert.

– I’m going with pepper frequently. I say if I think something is good, says gina dirawi.

– “Go Henry”. So she says, says Henrik Schyffert.

– No, I’ll let the hell not, break gina dirawi in.

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Gina’s harsh criticism of Henry Schyffert

Programs leading duo says they dare to criticize each other in the work.

– Absolutely. If there was anything we say the right: “That was bad,” says gina dirawi.

– Gina is very quick on it. Almost all the time. Really really fast. I is zero sensitive to such things. But you notice immediately. She also notice says Henrik Schyffert continues:

– That familiar to most self also when you stand there, if it does not work.

Despite the preparations took time during Wednesday’s Henry Schyffert not done with his material.

– It is not quite as clear. So … I … It should really be done. But it is not quite clear. The ground on, says Henrik Schyffert.

gina dirawi has brought family and friends for support.

– My brother is my best friend and will. I have small lumps everywhere to come and visit. Not last week. But it tends to be someone who comes and checks, says gina dirawi.

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