Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lindarws chaos under the rope – after nakenhot – Expressen

Christer Lindarw played a nakenhot, after his private parts discussed online.

After repkaoset change pop star number – but do not naked threat into reality.

– We’ll see if I get me to have nothing in and do a little kilt thing, and lifting the skirt, said Lindarw yesterday.

It was during Thursday’s rehearsal for this weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest in Norrköping Christer Lindarws more private parts highlighted on the web.

the artist, who under the stage name After Dark compete with the song “Come out like a star,” wore a pair of tight jeans on stage.

the pants made to the outline of the artist’s nobler parts synthesis.

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Christer Lindarw change the number after the naked threat

During Friday’s rehearsals bar Christer Lindarw for the first time their costumes. The number is the artist of an advanced dressing out of the picture.

In just seconds, Lindarw run to the costume designer to get off her dress and wearing a pair of angel wings.

During Thursday’s rehearsals took place booty behind one of the two meter high letters on stage. But Friday was the clothing prey moved to the side of the stage.

Dressing change took time, and Lindarw was close not to get back into the picture.

Meanwhile, the rope chaotic – nothing sued for dancers who was rebuked by the choreographer.

After Thursday’s rehearsals Lindarw laughed at the commotion surrounding his private parts.

– What do I have in my pocket? A banana! Like, he said.

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Chris Lindarws plan – to hide the body parts

As revealed artist that he will wear a jockstrap to hold the body parts in place during the live broadcast.

– There are so many tricks and fix to hide the parts. But the tapes do not. It is hard danssuspensoarer. There is nothing strange, said Lindarw.

The artist also accounted for a nakenhot.

– Or we’ll see if I get me to have nothing in and do a little kilt thing and lifting the skirt. You never know, said Lindarw and continued:

– Have you had any nakenchock year? No. Maybe it’s time.

But during rehearsals called naked shock by their absence.

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