Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Acute illness – were forced to leave the TV recording – Expressen

Michaela Åkesson left the “Young and spoiled” in the evening.

After becoming acutely ill and felt left out, she had enough and packed bag.

– I could not be myself inside the house then, I could not, she said.

in tonight’s episode of TV3′s reality show ” young and spoiled “became participant Michaela Akesson, 19, a medical emergency. After a long period with large abdominal pain and migraine attack she is forced to seek emergency care at three different times.

It ended with her after a tearful farewell chose to leave the program. It was the participant Ben Mitkus, 21, who took it the hardest.

– I could not eat in almost a week, felt sick all the time and slept constant. I had a headache that was transferred to migraine attacks, says Michaela Åkesson.

During the program, it has emerged that Michaela Åkesson as the only skåning among a bunch of locals felt left out.

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Although it was difficult to pack your bags.

– it was a really difficult decision to take. I did not want to leave, but instead of just lying in my room and feel bad migraine and barely hurricane do anything, just lie down and sleep, so it’s better that I leave and go home, she says and continues:

– I could not be myself inside the house then, I could not.

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When she saw tonight’s episode came all the feelings back.

– But you have to take it as it is.

Michaela Åkesson says the production was very helpful and encouraged her to put health first.

– Since I could just lie down and sleep, behaved badly and could not be bothered to do anything it was better to leave. I could not do anything.

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