Friday, February 19, 2016

Large water leak in Gothenburg – Gothenburg Post

A leak in a large water pipe resulting in Gothenburg.

The water line must be shut down and repaired, which means less water to the people of Gothenburg, now urged conserve water this weekend.

It was on Thursday afternoon as management Recycling and water discovered a water leak occurred in a large main line at South trail at the height of Bifrostgatan .

Repair work began immediately, but are expected to last over the weekend, which means that one does not get the amount of water normally consumed in the city.

– in many ways, it is good that there is over the weekend, or it will not tighten as much water as on weekdays, says Anne Lundgren, press contact the Circulation and water, to the GC.

it is mainly the southwestern parts of the city concerned. There, the water is deteriorating, but Circulation and Water invites all Gothenburgers to be frugal with water.

In a press release lists the management a number of things to consider, like not letting the tap stand and run unnecessarily, just wash when the dishwasher is full and showering quickly.

– the entire grid is interconnected, so even if you live in the northeast of Gothenburg you can help. This is a call to all people in Gothenburg, says Anne Lundgren.

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